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IMILAB C21 is a Smart Indoor Home Security Baby Monitor Camera with a super clear 2.5K resolution image and starlight night vision. With an F2.0 large aperture lens, IMILAB C21 security camera can produce clear, sharp footage even in low light circumstances. Plus easy control with IMILAB home APP, you will see everything clearly and easily on your phone. No hesitation, get one to protect your home and loved ones. Enjoy life in peace and comfort with IMILAB ecosystem.

Main Features of IMILAB C21:

  • Extremely HD 4M live stream
  • 2.5k Crystal Clear
  • F2.0 Ultra-large Aperture Lens
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • Human Detection & Tracking
  • 360° Auto Cruise
  • Real-Time Two-Way Call
  • Sound Detection
  • Cloud & Local Storage
  • Work With Smart Assistant

Core Features

                                                                                         IMILAB C21

                                                                                 Home Security Camera

2.5k Crystal Clear

Boost your footage quality with the IMILAB C21. See your live stream in super sharp 2.5K image quality (2560x1440).

Starlight Night Vision

With F2.0 ultra-large aperture lens, C21 can produce clear, sharp footage even in low light environments.

Human Detection & Tracking

The C21 packs advanced artificial intelligence features into a small package. It automatically recognizes the movements of everybody in its coverage zone and generates far fewer false alarms than other leading surveillance systems.

Never Miss A Moment

Simply open the IMILAB Home App to immerse yourself in high resolution, real time streaming from your cameras.

360° Pan-tilt View

Pan or tilt the lens for a clear 360° view of the whole room.

Real-Time Two-way

When you're away from home, and you want to talk to your loved ones or that special pet of yours, just press the two-way call button, and you will feel like you never left.

Sound Detection

The IMILAB C21 will detect any sounds suggesting a security threat and alert you via smartphone notification.

Cloud & Local Storage

The C21 supports local Micro TF storage ( maximum 64G).Secure your videos in the cloud with FREE storage of captured alarm images for 3 days.Subscribe to the IMILAB Smart Plan to access premium services for that peace of mind we all want.Protect the things that matter most.

Free 7 Day Continuous Cloud Storage for 3 Months


1.99/M or 12.99/Year

  • 1 camera
  • Rolling 7 days history
  • Records entire motion
  • Captures every alert


4.99/M or 49.99/Year

  • 1 camera
  • Rolling 30 days history
  • Records entire motion
  • Captures every alert

Work With Smart Assistant

Voice Control? Sure thing! The C21 is designed to work with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Try Alexa, Show me the living room!

What's in the box

Note: The appearance of the packing box may change

  • IMILAB C21
  • Cable
  • Installation Pack
  • Manual
  • Adaptor (May vary by region)

IMILAB C21 home security camera

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